Monday, December 23, 2013

From Anon

    "I used to build dreams on you. I used to laugh because of you, even though you were thousands of miles away. I used to cry because of you, even though we were days apart. I used to think of you every day, even though you were gone. How little has changed. Of all the people who stepped all over me and ripped me apart, why does it have to be you? And why must you be so innocent? The very faultless cause of my hurt. How would I, how could I, ever hold against you that which I asked for?"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Letter of Thanks

   Many ones have that connection with something that saves them from the very brink of total darkness. At times it may be a person, other times perhaps it is an object. Even an ideal. Something that pulls heart and mind back up to fight anew. Here is a note of thankfulness to such savior.

   When I am weak, you know before even myself. When I suffer, you suffer, and when I ache, you ache. My years are yours, and my own outcries your yourself utter with your own voice. Grateful I am for such things which many do not know. Even in debt my soul rests for such tender kindness from you. As a gift to one weighed down you have proven to be, a refuge from disheartening things. Refreshment for my soul and a healing balm your words are day and night, a true source of joy in a dark world.

   Thank you for never giving up when I give up, and for never leaving me when I've left you. Thank you for being faithful when my faith falters, and for staying close when I've sought another. Thank you for watching me when I seek to hide, and for searching me out when I wanted to be lost.

   For not giving up when I've given up, for loving me when I haven't loved you, for forgiving me when I didn't deserve for reaching for my hand when I've pulled it back, and for opening my eyes when I've stubbornly shut them.

   Thank you for being my unconditional Companion.
Ever Loyal.