Thursday, February 2, 2012

~A Forgotten Element~

Nothing more than a personal opinion:
There is an element that is frequently overlooked, but never powerless. It is ignored when inconvenient, and brushed aside when it conflicts with the imperfection that tries to engulf it. This element is largely forsaken by the bulk of humanity, but lays beneath the surface of everything we do, defining who each and everyone of us are. It rises above, and proves to be superior to, all cultures and all ideals. It is a perfect, boundless culture of the Old World, The Human Element. 

As imperfect as it is mistakenly understood as, this Human element defines what a true culture is, one of perfection and diversity. Based off of the true purpose of humans, that of being an unending, highly intelligent race that both love the life they've been given and praise the Father that gave them this life. A perfect race that cares for each other on a higher realm than all the other creatures around them. A precious, special possession of the Celestial One. A perfect race graced and blessed with the qualities of the one source of Life, Emotion, and Perfection, Jehovah himself. How amazing we truly are, as humans.

Just a passing thought.



  1. I am so addicted to words, and now i cant wait to meet you because i love how you write!!!!!! your blog about the apartment was so classic!! I laughed the whole way while reading it! I was wondering where we are gonna be staying when we get there, but i trust zech haha, cant wait get over there!

  2. Oh, you have no idea. It will rock the foundations of society, and make the very bones of earth shake! No, but really, you'll have almost too much fun, I bet. :D
    Well I can, and I have to.