Monday, May 21, 2012

The Hero Always Alone When the Battles are Done

I am- The Strength, the Pillar, the Support, The Savior. The Hero always alone when the battles are done. But... When all the beasts have been faught, all the battles won, and all the broken hearts are mended... Who will be there to save their hero? Why am I always the Savior? Why am I always the one with sword in hand, sweat on his brow, and blood on his face? Who is going to save me? Who will fight my beasts, win my battles, and mend my broken heart? Who is going to save me? Who is going to fight for me?


  1. Sitting right next to you using your iPad on your Internet typing a comment on my blog signed in as you...
    Thanks, Zech. Glad you like it. Maybes you understand better now? :]

  2. Well hero, whoever you are...
    The one that's got your back! XP Right now, that just might be zech96...
    *trying to act like she's not creeped out, but she's really creeped out*