Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Don't Miss You

Just because I don't say anything,
Doesn't mean I don't miss you. 
Just because nothing comes out,
Doesn't mean I don't miss you.

Just because I don't show it hurts,
Doesn't mean I don't hurt for you.
And Just because I don't let it show,
Doesn't mean I don't love you.

Even though I don't act like I do,
Doesn't mean I don't hate you.
Even though I may act like I do,
Doesn't mean I forgive you.

Even if I act like I didn't know,
Doesn't mean I didn't hurt you.
Even if I don't act like it,
Doesn't mean I don't regret you.

Even if I still want you,
Doesn't mean I can have you.
Even if I want to,
Doesn't mean I can forget you.

The line is crossed, the sky is set.
The path ahead, and the one we met.
I hate to tell you, 
I hate to show you.

Its Time I Make it True.
Its Time I Don't Miss you.