Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guest Writer-Jeniffer Lucas


What is this dream I can't wake up from?
I feel everything and I feel nothing
A nightmare that ends only when I sleep
At night I rest, at day I'm running

Who will save me from this dark prison?
My cell has no bars, my key has no lock
My sentence is final for a crime not committed
My heart breathes despair, they tell me its shock

This silent screaming in my mind
is gently soothed by the voices around me
A hundredfold is what is promised
I ache for the one, I treasure the many

Will I ever feel peace?  Will I ever be happy?
I bow my head and calm descends
This wounded heart begins to heal
My broken spirit begins to mend


  1. My heart sank and yet rose (both in a good way) at the same time in a vaguely familiar feeling. Beautifully written Jennifer.

  2. Thank you, Nautica! I really appreciate that. I have always enjoyed all your comments on Trevor's blogs... so thoughtful and well spoken (written?). What a great venue for sharing... right?

    Thanks Trevor!!