Saturday, January 29, 2011

I can

I can stand on my own.
I can see my reflection.
I can clean on my own.
I can cut the grass, and I can save a beetle.
I can suggest the proper way.
I can help someone move their things.
I can use chopsticks, and I can hold the door.
I can lie to myself.
I can find my truth.

I can rise above who I am...I can change what I am.

I can hold off hate, and stifle my heart.
I can know the lies, and move past.
I can refuse to die, and silence any voice.
I can survive any blow.
I can rise from any fall.
I can persuade my heart, and refuse to fail.
I can suffer hate and pain and sorrow,
I can find strength even in weaknesses.
I can know my angels and demons,
I can force myself to stay the course.

I can reduce my walls to rubble,
I can turn my obstacles to nothing.
I can rise above my darkest shadows.
I can move beyond the nothingness of despair.
I can create my own reality,
I can shape my own tomorrow.
I can defeat the shadow inside of me,
I can touch the sky.
I can stand on my own.

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