Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fight the Fight

Guest Poem By: 

Fight the fine fight
The fight of the faith
Though in the midst of it
It seems like a very long wait

The enemy plays tricks on the mind
He'll try to make the truth hard to define
He portrays himself as an angel of light
Once he's crept in
He'll strive to take away your sight
He wants nothing more
Than to get you alone in the night
So you can't find your way home
So that you fall into his traps
To take away your life

So if your batteries are draining
and you're having trouble
Of your faith maintaining
Then seek help from above

Look around, seek out the God of love
and look for that light
Emanating from your true comrades
That are in the heart of the fight
Beside you, supporting you
In doing what's right
To help you keep your sight
and stay in the fight
The fight for the real life

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