Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Shadow Inside Me, A Darkness Within

A world of reflection, empty and void.
My evanescent existence, my truth I avoid.

My path now hidden, a hate stands behind.
The darkest part of me forces me to find

The Shadow inside me, the Darkness within
Reminds me of failures and all of my sins.

To copy and mimic, this art it perfects,
To twist and deform are its effects.

Pain and torture of mind and heart
It only seeks to tear me apart.

Twisted and wicked as deep as is seen,
This Shadow is foul, horrid, obscene.

It knows my heart, and knows my thoughts,
It knows the past battles that have been fought.

It knows my strong, my frail, and weak.
It hides the hope and life that I seek.

A Shadow of me, a Darkness within,
My newest foe, that has always been.

Seeded deep and far inside,
A horrid truth we seek to hide.

As it rises, as do I,
Ready to fight, willing to die.

Till the end of this bitter fight,
I'll stand strong with whatever might

I may find inside, deeper than
This Shadow inside me, this Darkness within.


  1. Very moving. Imperfection breeds and nurtures a dark place in us all. It's how hard we fight it that matters.

  2. Wow...I'm at a loss for words. I can not explain how much I could relate to this poem, but I think there are a lot that feel that way. Very touching.

  3. Jenny, thanks a lot. I agree with you about our imperfections. /:]
    Nautica, Thanks a lot, I'm really glad you liked it!

  4. ......All to familiar....me siento igual que tu!