Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another page of that book I've started my writing project in. It really is odd when I come to read what I've written in this book. Most people would say that it doesn't sound like me at all, but I honestly feel like it is a glimpse of aspects about my personality that not many people get to see.


A new life forms in the loving womb of a caring mother. Breathlessly, it thrives and grows, perfectly cared for and nurtured by the temporary home.
Then the moment comes, however. The life is born, and the newborn takes its first breath...filling the new lungs with air that previously was a foreign element. Air, in turn, becomes vital for life...the same life that existed for nearly a year without this air. Why is that so?

Take this air now, however, and empty the lungs. What are the effects? Life would begin to fade, and soon this young one would be no more alive than before it ever existed. Those newborn lungs are forever dependent on the air they've had but a taste of, no matter the thriving for all that time before them.

Thus introduces my point of this page, for such is the state we find ourselves in when we start to love someone. I used to think that statements similar to "I can't live with out them" were simple emotional overflow of the heart. "You were fine without them for years," I reasoned, "you can be fine without them now."
I have since been persuaded to reconsider.
Similar to the infant thriving without air for 9 months, humans are capable of living lives that are fulfilling and meaningful while alone. They have friends, they have laughs, and they are capable of handling trials alone quite well. Just like the time comes for the first breath, though, a certain time comes and that will affect us like few things in our life can.
Suddenly, we are forever changed, just like the infant who takes their first breath. Now that we become 'exposed' to the person of our affections in all their varying degrees, we are...altered. The removal of said persons equates to similarities of air being drawn from the lungs that have recently taken their first breath.
Now our hearts, though perfectly capable of thriving at one time, now exposed, become dependent on this foreign element.
Interesting, these manipulative things called emotion, setting us apart as truly unique from the different lifeforms around us. Hard to explain and understand, emotion adds depth to who and what we are.
Food for thought.


  1. Powerful analogy for sure! Well written, my friend. It's been said that when Tennyson wrote, "Better to have loved and lost, than to never haved loved at all" didn't really know what love is. You are so right. It's something you never come back from. You have forever given another soul the ability to affect you. The removal of that affection can certainly leave us gasping for air. But the beautiful thing is that, once we know the power of it, we can find our 'oxygen' by being generous with our own affections.

  2. Nice comment Jenny. Aniki, you are very right! Our complicated emotion really do set us apart from the other creatures around us. It really can change us, so as experience does. When we think we understand something, only to find how far it is from what we thought when we do experience it. It really can take our breath away, when we lose something important to us. But as hard as it can be, life changes when we learn to breath again too. At least that's what I have found, because love conquers all things. Your entry is, as usual, greatly appreciated and although I've learned more about you which can help to be a better friend, still Aniki-kun.