Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Lonely Path

I walk alone and carry my load, without a tear or even a groan.
Sometimes it seems just a bit too far...Sometimes it feels just a bit too hard.

But I'll walk alone, and I'll carry my load.
Without a tear, or even a groan.
And if it seems just a bit too far, or if it feels just a bit too hard,

I'll follow my path even though alone, 
With my weakened heart as strong as stone.


  1. aww, if you're on the right path little character, although it might feel like it, you're never alone *sobsob*. it's not good to hold everything, you may not always have more, but you'll always have the best friend you could have to lean on and confide in! *sobsobsobsobsobsobsob* gababbe kubasai!