Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guest Writter Camille West, in: "A Melting Breath"

Dedicated to, and regarding Cami's grandmother, the late Lynda Stevenson :] 
A Melting Breath
Laying in bed
She's hanging onto a thread
People take her away
To a place she may lay
With a melting breath
She uses her support
For just as she may
Melt away
Using support for another day
Her color starts to fade away
I leave
Just knowing she'll be fine
Because she's mine
Her color comes back
But her melting breath is of more lack
At 10 to 7
A melting breath is no more
It's just a puddle
A puddle of my love
                        By: Camille West
Thanks to Camille for Being a Guest, and for sharing her writing experience. :]


  1. Wow! So koolie Camille! You're the aid to kool! (^ー^)ノ

  2. haha! Yeah! Just don't go crashing through any walls(it might hurt)! (^u^)

  3. hey, thanks trev. i appreciate it.
    your cousin camcam