Wednesday, April 13, 2011


     "The most painful wounds are the ones that don't hurt anymore. The ones that have gone so deep, that I almost don't even notice them."
                                         "My wounds? The ones that are covered up by the less painful ones as I'm                                                       trying to hide from everyone else what is deepest."

            "The most painful wounds come from the ones I never expected it from.                                                          The most painful wounds are the ones that I never saw. 
                                           The ones that came from the ones that I trusted the most."

 "My wounds penetrate clothing, flesh, bones, resolve, determination, dedication, and hope. They reach the most treacherous part of my body, my heart. They tear into my heart and rip the strands of it to pieces."

                "Those wounds bring out the darkest monsters inside of me, and nurture the demons that I hide. What hope is there to kill the infection that rots inside?"


  1. Wow! I cried inside when I read this. Out of curiosity, what inspired this piece?

  2. P.S. Love endures all things... (^u^)
    Chin up, whoever you are. Ganbatte kudasai!

  3. What inspired this? Well, mostly an accumulation of things that sort of creep up on you and overwhelm you at times. So it is sort of a mosaic of different things I've either said or heard said to me. So rather than being a longstanding, deep emotional sickness, this expresses more of the eventual overload and subsequent venting that some face from time to time. :]

  4. I hear ya, Brother! Some people go through life superficially, aware of the surface, feeling very little. I would rather feel everything. BUT, it's a blessing and a curse. The curse bringing that eventual overload. Better to soak in life, soar with joy and risk getting hurt, than to live behind a wall and never really live at all. Hang in there friend! Keep that breastplate of righteousness on... it will keep your heart from being seared and wounded permanently! :-)

  5. Trevor, It's put together very well.

    Jenny, AMEN sista!! I can relate to both the overload and the wall. That's why I'm crazy!! Who's with me?!! (in being crazy not that I am crazy)*crickets*

  6. I'm with ya, sista!! Crazy is way more interesting.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE--- amazingly powerful and moving-- i felt every word chev- nautica & jenny-- i agree with both of ya!! My goal in life is to feel everything possible crushing all inherent walls to dust!